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Melissa & Make a Memory Travel- Owner and Certified Travel Agent


Destination Weddings & Group Travel Specialist

Luxury Travel, International Travel, Curated Travel


Customized Small Groups

Indian Weddings

European and International Destinations

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Cruises, All Inclusives, Theme Parks & More!

If you dream it, I can do it!

Snowy Mountains

5 Star Agent, Recognized Nationally 
and Internationally

See the main "Our Team Page" for more information on Melissa and our "Home Page" for just some of her ceritifications.

Melissa travels the globe visiting properties such as all inclusives in the Caribbean,  Castle Stays in Ireland, and Villas in Italy.  We go so we know. A true European and Caribbean expert!

Certified in Group Travel, Luxury travel, Romance Travel, Cruise lines, Theme Parks, Destinations around the world and much more!

Visit our Destination Weddings Division - which has grown so phenomenally, it need a branch all its own!   More on this coming by the fall of 2023!

Ph: 770-267-6347

Currently Booking 2024 and 2025

Europe, Groups, Weddings

International Travel

Others by Request


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Melissa has been an independent travel counselor since 2016, and previous elementary school teacher for over 10 years!  


After planning many of my own trips, a travel agent looked at me and asked "Why don't you do this?"  Then followed with, "You're already doing it and you're good at it! Less than 10% of the people I met can do what you do!" That was it for me!  To be able to share my love of travel with others -I was so totally in! I looked for courses, spoke to top 100 agents, started training, searching for host agencies, and here I am today! Doing something I love to do!  In addition to my careers, I've been married for 31 years to Jason, and we have 2 beautiful children that have grown into amazing adults! 

Melissa's husband and partner, Jason, is also assistant in all things! Also a middle school math teacher and Major in the US Army Reserves. Jason has served in the Army for over 30 years, active duty and reserves.  He has taught school since 1999.  He assists with data entry, technology and practices  precision in communication while I'm traveling.  

Melissa's two children, Briana and Jaxon are all around kid and millennial experts! They love to look at what were planning and offer suggestions, especially if there are children involved!  They both know what they liked, and where the fun was; and they remember what they didn't and where it wasn't!  

We often run our child friendly trips by them, just to get their expert opinions;) It's always beneficial to get the younger crowd's opinion. 

First time in Radio City Music Hall seeing the Rockettes
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