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Melissa in Ireland

Terms and Conditions

   We may travel the world to learn, grow and gain expertise in our field, but at heart we are a locally owned, small business that believes in giving back to our community and surrounding areas.   As such, our income is commission based .  That means there is not hourly salary, any compensation or paycheck until after travel occurs.  When working with clients, there is no income guarnateed with out charging them directly for billable hours.  We ask that all clients please be respectful of our time, knowledge and intellectual property so that we can continue to serve you!  Please be aware:

Service Charges May apply

Cancellation Penalties Vary

Changes to Booked Travel Incur Additional Fees

Hourly rate - $30.00 minimum

Group Rate- $500.00 to start

Destination Weddings- $500.00 to start

Research & Planning- $150.00 to start

*Services used that do not result in a booking will result in service fees, charged to the client. As with any professional, our time must be compensated for, in order to remain viable.

Each trip is unique and such are rates may vary depending on the needs, wishes, and amont of time needed to prepare your trip.

Loyal clients may receive discounted or compliementary services.

Please complete our New Client Registration form to view Ts & Cs or as as repeat client, you may request a copy of our terms and conditions.

We thank you for your loyalty!

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